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Healing Through Music 2023
AMC Summer 2023
AMC Summer 2023
Paul & Tanya Hanna
Titan Gear Day
Deputy Mayor Brenda Haywood
Grammy artist Joseph Wooten
Grammy artist Victor Wooten
Grammy Producer Roger Ryan
AMC Summer Music Camp
Healing Through Music Tour
Healing Through Music

 Playing to Learn,  

  Learning to Play 

       AMC Located @

Top Track Studios

2004 Lindell Ave.





Theme-based student recitals/showcases will be presented near the end of both the Fall and Spring terms. Participation is not required but is strongly encouraged.


The Aria Music Class Piano Studio (AMC) has been an active enrichment program since 2013. Built upon a collective musical knowledge, AMC has gained professional experience and accolades through performances at the Napa Valley Jazz Festival, Nashville Riverfront Jazz Festival; performances with Chick Corea, Arturo Sandoval, Dave Brubeck, Roger Ryan, Regi Wooten, Joseph Wooten, Rob Curetone, Chad Hammonds, Johnathan Homes, just to name a few.


Our private lessons are given weekly or bi-weekly average of 30min lengths on a flat-tuition payment. EACH LESSON HAS A MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) STUDENTS THAT MAY PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS. 

Student Media Release     -           Photos of students, video, and audio recordings of student performances may be posted online and used by the instructor for promotional and workshop materials. Parents or students wishing to exempt from any published media may do so by providing a signed written exclusion request.   

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Thank you "We Are Nashville" 2024


ALL CLASSES Are 25min-45min INSTRUCTION and 5min Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practice 

For Ages 3 and UP

The Fall Semester operates August 2 – Dec 21; you may also choose to pay in full if desired. Tuition is based on the calendar school year for 10 months. Spring [Jan-May] | Fall [Aug-Dec]. Tuition is based on the total number of hours of monthly class instruction. There is a $100 registration fee.


Example: Student taking 8 classes each month during the Spring. Four in-person classes and 4 virtual classes.

Piano & Voice Class: $200.00/per month 

Production Fee - $60.00/per student each semester           

Awards Fee - $40.00/per student each recital

Excluding purchase of print or digital Music Theory Book; Outside musical performances\events; special recital/showcase accommodations 

Student Application Form
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Class Sessions

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We congratulate piano students:

Zazianna Grimes

Daryln Finch

Lauren Bradley

Hailey Pulse

Aria Hanna

Iyanu Otukpe

Our students were selected to perform

in Opus Collective T.V Livestream 

Will be broadcast on Amazon Fire & Roku T.V

2022 AMC Holiday Party
Endorsed by Grammy Award -Winning Artist Roy "Futureman" Wooten,
Regi "The Teacha" Wooten, and Rob Curetone

Johnson ALC, Nashville, TN recipient of the 2021 AMC Healing Through Music 

Victor Wooten says hello!

We believe in mentorship, 2022

Surprise visit from Grammy artist Victor Wooten
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