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About Our Program

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Our Classes

We are flexible to your schedule

The Aria Music Class provides classes that accommodate to today's busy student schedule. In addition if the student is unable to make it to the music facility, the instructor is able to bring the class to the comfort of the students' home virtually or in-person. Ask about our music mobile services. We aim to give you flexibility to learn when you're available.

We connect with each student

At the Aria Music Class we believe that every class should be passion driven not about music, but rather the students' engagement in learning. The teacher-student relationship is an important part of how we gage the student success and promote fundamental growth.


Payments for private lessons are due in full at the beginning of each term or in equal monthly installments due the 1st of each month; a $30.00 late fee will be charged if payments are received on or after the 10th of each monthCredits are not given for (no call no show absences), holidays or snow closings. There is a $40.00 late cancelation fee for any no call no show absences. If this is action (no call no show absences) is consecutive, student may risk being removed from the program. 

*Aria Music Class is a private school and keeping consistent with other private schools our tuition is charged based on the school year (August - May). You are paying for the program as a whole. Tuition is not based on days of attendance. This means you are buying into the school year (August - May).  You can choose to pay in 3 ways:

1. Month to month

2. Pay by semester (15% off)

3. Pay in full for the academic year (20% off)

Students are required to arrange with instructor in advance alternative class time if needing to make up any lessons missed. It is not guaranteed that all missed lessons will have the option to make up. 

**The school year tuition is billed at the beginning of each semester with options to pay in full, ½ year of equal monthly installments.

**A discount is offered for all tuition that is paid in full at the beginning of each semester.

**Monthly installments are always due on the 1st of each month.


**All payments are based on the number of hours the student selects each month.

Payments can be mailed directly to Aria Music Class, LLC or turned in personally to piano instructor. Please make sure checks or money orders payable to Aria Music Class, LLC. No cash please. (There will be a $40.00 charge for any returned checks).

Class tuition does not include any music books, summer camp, or outside production event.

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Teach In Harmony


Would you like to play beautiful, entertaining music and impress your friends and family? Are you ready to be treated like a celebrity by everyone who hears you play, sees you dance, or experiences your creativity and artistry? Or maybe you want to take things further and become a professional in your craft, thrilling audiences all over. If so, YOU NEED TO ENROLL AT THE ARIA MUSIC CLASS PIANO STUDIO.

The Aria Music Class Piano Studio (AMCP) has been an active enrichment program since 2013. Built upon a collective musical knowledge within the Hanna Family, AMCP has gained experience and accolades through performances at the Napa Valley Jazz Festival, Nashville Riverfront Jazz Festival, Chick Corea, Arturo Sandoval, Dave Brubeck, Roger Ryan, Rob Curetone, and the Wooten Brothers just to name a few. Our private lessons are given weekly or bi-weekly in 30 minute lengths on a flat-tuition payment. EACH PRIVATE LESSON HAS A MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) STUDENTS THAT MAY PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS.


Prices for lessons cover: instructional fees, musical books, and supplemental material needed for student’s success. Lessons are given weekly, at times consistent and convenient for students and instructors.

There is a charge of $25/session if the instructor has to travel to student location.

The Aria Music Class is equipped to providing "Virtual Musication" through our partner Hammonds Music. Every Monday we provide our version of online lessons combining music and education in a fun and enthusiastic way! ASK ABOUT OUR ONLINE/VIRTUAL CLASSES? 

Instructional Discipline






















Serviced & Servicing @

  • Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

  • Nia House Montessori School

  • Backfield in Motion

  • Community Childcare Center

  • Rocketship Community Dream Prep School

Tuition & Fees 2024-2025

ALL CLASSES are within a range of 25min-45min INSTRUCTION and 5min Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practice 

For Ages 3 and UP


Tuition is based on the calendar school year for 10 months. Spring [Jan-May]

Fall [Aug-Dec]. Summer production is separate based upon activities and performances and takes places in July.

**Saturday Group/Ensemble Classes Music / Art / Dance**

90min/per session [in-person or virtual]

$25/per group/ensemble class

Group/Ensemble (5-10 students) classes are NOT for learning a specific instrument or discipline; it is a class where we will explore all aspects of music from music history, music business, team building, choral intensive and world music to reading rhythm and learning basic ensemble playing on music instruments and dance. Due to unexpected cancellations purchasing of multiple classes are no longer available. Each group/ensemble class begins with a 30min meditation and stretch class. We are excited to announce that dance classes will be instructed in conjunction with Prairie View A&M University dance teachers.

Enrollment Fees $100.00

  • Production Fee - 

($60.00/per student each semester)

  • Awards/Showcase Fee -

($40.00/per student per recital)

  • Music Theory Book - (optional)

($26.40 Print / Digital)

  • Instrument Rental - (optional)



  • Monthly Piano or Voice Tuition

($200.00/ Includes weekly virtual class & in-person class)

  • Monthly Group Tuition

($112.00/ Includes Arts & Music Theory)

  • Monthly Multi-Instrument Tuition

($300.00/ Includes weekly in-person class)

  • Monthly Percussion Tuition

($190.00/ Includes Steel Pan & Drums)

  • Monthly String or Woodwind Tuition

($160.00/ Includes Saxophone, Clarinet Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele)


Discounted Link: Music Theory Book | Aria's Music Class | MagCloud

  • Excluding purchase of print or digital Music Theory Book; Outside musical performances\events; special recital accommodations 





The Future Sounds Good

Many music courses are too advanced for beginners. They delve into advanced concepts that leave you confused. Our courses correct that mistake. It lays the foundation you need and keeps everything simple and easy. By the time you are through with the various lessons:

  • You will have understood the basics of the instrument, chord progressions and grand staff.

  • You will know how to read musical and rhythmic notation.

  • You will know at least 13 scales that you could play utilizing a universal tonic.

  • You will have an excellent foundation in music and will be well on your way to playing and wowing your friends. 

Important Note

  • Student Media Release                

  • Photos of students, video, and audio recordings of student performances may be posted online and used by the instructor for promotional and workshop materials. Parents or students wishing to exempt from any published media may do so by providing a signed written exclusion request.

Our Partners

Chad Hammonds
Virtual Classroom

No matter where you are in the world, the Aria Music Class is equipped to providing fun, collaborative and instructional lessons to you through the use of virtual lessons through our partner Hammonds Music. THIS ONLINE\VIRTUAL CLASS provides personalized learning & Instruction for the student. 

Class Overview 

$225/monthly (Aria Music Class & Hammonds Music)


*Personalized Learning Instructional virtual classes

*Student can schedule 1 in-person class based upon availability of both instructor and student

*Each virtual class will be tailored specifically to students needs as if student was physically in the classroom 

*Student has 24/7 access to teacher via text or e-mail for quick questions and will receive response within 24hrs.

*Student will receive response from teacher within 2-business days for more comprehensive questions

*All classes run monthly and can be prorated depending start date.

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