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C.A.M.P.S Nashville Foundation



We congratulate piano students:

Zazianna Grimes

Daryln Finch

Lauren Bradley

Hailey Pulse

Aria Hanna

Ianu Otukpe

Our students were selected to perform

in Opus Collective T.V Livestream 

Will be broadcast on Amazon Fire & Roku T.V


The year 2020 was one of hardship and loss, however AMCP had the opportunity to create a series [C.A.M.P.S] that provided monthly workshops in the creative arts. The workshops consisted of collaborative enrichment activities for students that build camaraderie and critical thinking skills: problem solving, inference, & creativity. We are glad to be continuing this series​.

C.A.M.P.S Workshop Students meet virtually twice a month on Saturdays @ 1PM. The virtual workshops last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Students work with hands on projects; participate in virtual breakout rooms; engage in critical thinking; learn through career explorations and much more. All teachers are credited professionals within their industry with years of experience, awards and accolades, and are accustomed to working with students.


C.A.M.P.S (2023- 2024) Workshop Instructors

  • Melvin "Maestro" Lightford (Music Theory)

  • Paul Hanna, (Intensive Theory)

  • Tanya Hanna, (Introduction to Orchestration)

  • Chad Hammonds, (Gospel, Improvisation & Production)

  • Fred Whitley, (Music History & Culture)

  • Preston Wilson, (Music & Worship)

  • Stephen Smith, (Music, Photography & Art)

  • Roger Ryan, (Grammy Producer / Musicianship & Artistry)

  • Christopher Barnes, (Grammy Artist / Song Writing)

  • Dr. Jacqueline Hanna, (Music & Worship)

  • Dante Pope, (Music & Rhythm)

  • Darius Kidd, (Music & Rhythm)

  • Sherry Harper, (Music & Dance)