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The Aria Music Class Piano Studio summer camp runs from Wednesday, July 5th - Thursday, July 28th. July 5th - 8th is Virtual Orientation for parents and students. The program consists of multiple disciplines that will allow a student to understand a real world approach of the music industry. The age requirement is 7 - 18 years of age.


The cost of the summer camp program is $260.00 for 2 students for the month of July. The cost for 1 student to attend is $165.00. Students meet 3 days out of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00am - 3pm (central time) at Top Track Studios in Nashville, TN. The camp is located at 2004 Lindell Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 and has an international site in Nassau, Bahamas. Summer camp out of state cost: $300

Summer camp classes consist of:

Piano, recording, voice, drums, guitar, and dance

All instructors are certified or professional musicians within the Nashville music industry. Students will have access to studio recording sessions; group and one-on-one instructional classes; workshops; dance; record with a Grammy award-winning musician, meet special guest Nashville recording artists and more.


Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the participating students to meet industry standards as follows:

  • Provide quality instruction and adequate resources

  • Strive to meet all students needs

  • Provide a safe, positive, and challenging program environment

  • All classes will be prepared to engage and EDUTAIN students

  • Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate

Sponsored by: Soul of America Tours; Inspire Foundation; Maximumbass; C.A.M.P.S Nassau Bahamas; Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

Please contact Camp Director, Troika Hanna, if you have any concerns of questions: (615).932.0170 |


Meet The Summer Music Camp 2022 Team

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