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Students engage in Visual Arts, Music Instrumentation, Piano, Dance, Voice, Production, Recording, and more...


Organized by Troika Hanna
Director of Aria Music Class

"We introduce and tailor our enrichment program to the needs of each organization. Every student and organization are not the same, therefore an equitable approach is always our tactical analysis. Our instructors consist of Grammy artists, professional musicians, and music industry specialists. We acknowledge Dr. Jacqueline Hanna who received honors as 2022 TN Blue Ribbon Teacher of the Year and CMA Teacher of Excellence 2023.


Our program services students from ages 3 and up and is able to travel as far as Franklin, TN or virtually even in the islands of The Bahamas. We operate by the Nashville Davidson County academic school semester and always construct a free consultation to gain an understanding of the needs of each student or organization. We look forward to meeting and hearing from your organization."

- Troika Hanna, Director

Program Testimonials

I want to enroll in the Extended Creative Learning Arts Program.

Cost: $50/ Every Friday
*Policy: Weekly payments are only available. Each class session is 90min. There are no refunds or credits for missed sessions. If a student misses 4 consecutive days or is frequently absent, a parent conference will be held and the student may risk being dropped from the program. 

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