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Program Information

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide mentorship, foster innovation, and ensure that each student is aspired to create works in the creative arts and have college and career readiness.

Our Vision

The Aria Music Class Piano Studio (AMCP) will be the most well-rounded creative arts center in America, ensuring that every student is aspired for college or career readiness through our deliverables of mentorship, production, and community service.

Our Goal

We have the goal to aspire each student to create, engage in innovative productions, and and conduct an annual community service.

School-Wide Focus

We focus on building relationships and fostering camaraderie amongst each student.

We focus on the creative arts and social emotional learning  to allow a beginner, intermediate, or mastery student to feel knowledgeable and confident in their discipline.

We focus on developing an appreciation of community service through mentorship. 

5 Pillars

Create | Aspiration | Mentorship | Production | Service


Playing to Learn, Learning to Play

Class Framework & Philosophy

We infuse the methods and practices of Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practice at the beginning of each lesson. Our understanding is the relationship between teacher and student is paramount before any form of instruction. Our philosophy is centered on the Suzuki Method. It is the core belief that children learn best from their 'mother language'. We focus on making students competent musicians and then introduce to notation. 

Suzuki Method emphasizes:

  1. Parental involvement

  2. Start at an early age

  3. Listening & repetition

Our Purpose

"Our purpose is to mentor and aspire individuals to become more involved in the creative arts within their communities and personal lives. We offer a high-quality instruction for persons of nearly every age to prepare them for success in their creative endeavors. We believe that talents are a gift from the Father and that we have a responsibility for developing and displaying to bring Him glory in an excellent way."  


A music class transcribed from the teaching and best practices of Bahamian recording artist Paul Hanna.


About Paul & Tanya Hanna      -   Bahamian music icons extraordinaire


Paul and Tanya Hanna are musicians, vocalists, pianists, writers and producers, who have organized many events from jazz concerts to public school music workshops; presented seminars and benefits in the US and The Bahamas for more than 3 decades.  


Their diverse  talents  have been fully executed in several areas of the entertainment industry including production, songwriting, vocalists, authors, pianists, teaching, mentoring and wellness advocates. Their repertoire includes jazz, R&B, Caribbean, Latin, show tunes and original works.


Collectively, they have:

• Toured Canada, the USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Tunisia, Caribbean, and Hong Kong

• Performed with top 40 R&B artists Jeffrey Osbourne, Nancy Wilson, Peabo Bryson, Denise Williams, Melba Moore, Harold Melvin, Maxine Nightingale, Billy Cobham, Arturo Sandoval, Grammy winners Jeff Haynes, Gary Haase, Roger Ryan, Stan Getz, Chick and Gail Corea

• Performed in benefit concerts to raise funds for many causes


Accomplishments, concerts and benefits through the years:

1999: They received the Miami Dade County Florida Appreciation Award from Miami Mayor Alex Penelas    

2004 - Produced Yuri Rozum (the number 1 Russian pianist, Mosko Russia). In concert at Government House

2005: Presented with Outstanding Citizens Award for community service from the Bahamas’ Minister of Health

2010: Benefit for earthquake survivors in Haiti

2015: Paul received the coveted “You In Music PTTM Outstanding Achievement, Service and Performance Award.” 

2016: “Doing What I'm Called to Do” concert; international book tour for “Embracing You–A Self Care Guide–Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes” by Tanya Hanna and “Home Grown” by Paul Hanna, touring NYC, Nashville, Chicago and The Bahamas. 

2017:   “Away From The Daily Grind,”  and “Nothing Like Being There”

2018 -  Jazz music workshop for Public Primary Schools, sponsored by the US Embassy; Summer Camp - RND’s  “Tribute to Paul Hanna”; “A Treat for the Soul” presented by Shakespeare in Paradise at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

2019:  “Paul and Tanya Through the Years” at Dundas Center for Performing Arts; Benefit concert for “Hurricane Relief Concert” for The Bahamas


Paul wrote the theme song & soundtrack for the Bahamian movie -  This Time Next Year  by Earlin Williams 1997



Their sons, musician Troika Hanna teaches music in Nashville and graphic artist Mustapha Ali-bocas works out of New York City. 

Paul Hanna is still currently touring with major recording artists, organizing productions of his own and currently completing Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 of the Aria’s Music Class practical & theory book. The Vol.1 material is currently being used in the Metropolitan Nashville Public School District and Fisk University.

Piano Program Example

Students taking piano... 

Students who go through the Aria’s Music Class will learn and have the opportunity to do the following:


  • Learn the basics and fundamentals of how a piano functions through grouping, key function and patterns

  • Learn correct piano hand positioning technique, posture and fingering for scales

  • Learn interval placement [Ex. half step and whole step]

  • Learn a 13 scale series using a revolving tonic key

  • Learn the chromatic scale

  • Learn chords, inversions and basic chord progressions.

  • Practice sight reading with rhythm, melodic and chord notation.

  • Learn music vocabulary

  • Learn introduction to Improvisation

  • Learn classical and contemporary repertoire that is derived from the John Thompson Series & John Nevello Stylistic Etudes


Through completion of the program each student would have mastered the listed instructional details above. Students would have also learned and developed a musical repertoire from the following genres: Classical, Baroque, Romantic and Modern/Contemporary Period; Jazz; Latin; Rhythm & Blues; Blues; (musical genre of their choosing if applicable). Our music library consists of and not limited to the following: John Thompson Series; John Novello Stylistic Etudes; Berklee College of Music Piano & Guitar Handbook; Chick Corea Children Songs; Nahre Sol Classical Exercise


Students participating will be required to attend and participate in at least 2 showcases and 1 recital at either location:

Top Track Studios / Caliber / Steinway Piano Gallery / Fisk University / Belmont University      

**Instructional Days**



New Payment Cycle August 1st [Prorated]

8th – 31st 

August 26th Open House @ Top Track Studios

Danceville Fever

mini-production August 26th


New Payment Cycle September 1st

1st – 30th

September 16th Open Mic @ Troll House Cottage

Hosted by The Piano Porch

Danceville Fever

mini-production September 30th


New Payment Cycle October 1st

2nd – 31st

October 18th-21st African Street Fest

October 28th Healing Through Music @ Caliber

No classes are assigned the 9th -13th

Danceville Fever

mini-production October 28th

November New Payment Cycle November 1st

1st – 30th

November 18th Healing Through Music @ Caliber

No classes are assigned the 22nd -25th


December New Payment Cycle December 1st 

1st – 16th

No classes are assigned the 17th – 31st

December 16th Christmas Showcase @ CMA

Danceville Fever /Tentative

mini-production December 30th

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 - Scheduling -

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